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Statement of Dr. Masoumeh Ebtekar, Vice-President and Head of Department of Environment (DoE)

Today, with the industrial advances and the excessive use of the limited renewable and non-renewable resources, it is necessary to utilize new technologies, especially in various areas of urban management, in order to create more comfort, cost savings, and save the environmental energy resources in national, regional, and global dimensions. The political and economic crises as well as issues such as the limited sustainability of fossil fuels reserves, environmental concerns, acid rains, and global warming are among the universal issues the only appropriate solution to manage them is to apply new technologies.

Taking into account the importance and the role of the new technologies in urban management to meet the current and future needs in the country, implementation of plans and the leadership projects to create fundamental changes in providing services to the citizens, which is an objective of “the 1st International Exhibition & Festival on New Urban Technologies (ICS 2017)”, Isfahan is known as the pioneer of new urban technologies in Iran.

Replacing the fossil fuels with hybrid and electric vehicles, and other environment friendly activities in cities play a critical role, not only in revitalizing the urban environment, but also in the citizens’ health.

It is hoped that the objective and effective participation and mutual cooperation on environmental technologies, between the industries and the environment friendly technologies and the urban managers, will be realized at the regional and international levels, with the presence of foreign and domestic technopreneurs in “the 1st International Exhibition & Festival on New Urban Technologies (ICS 2017)”, organized by New Technology Center of Isfahan Municipality.  


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